This may be old news for some, but it’s something every Chromebook purchaser must know. However, Google has a strict cut-off date for providing those updates. I went to look up the auto update expiration date but my exact model is not listed. All Chromebooks run on the operating system, the Chrome OS that receives updates like any other OS. The closest one I found is the HP Chromebook 14 that has an expiration date of 6/2019 which just passed. Per Google policy, OS auto update expiration is usually after 6 years product was released. Auto update date and low end hardware are two features where chromebooks lose to windows laptops. Omaha uses that data to send AUE notifications to the respective boards which is then presented to the user so they're aware their device needs replacement. But, the day will come when your Chromebook stops getting updates … Per "Auto Update Expiration" list for this Acer model, it expired Aug 2016, or under FIVE years of service. Chromebook updates. When a Chromebook reaches the end of its life — officially called the Auto Update Expiration date or “AUE” — it can no longer receive updates to Chrome OS. It's confusing. The number of similar models from the same manufacturer can be staggering. Before you buy a Chromebook, be warned: Every Chrome OS laptop has an auto-update expiration date that starts 6.5 years after the first model unit is sold. You can certainly continue using a Chromebook after it reaches its Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date. Generally, a Chromebook will receive the instantaneous System update for 6.5 years but this isn’t necessarily a straight line. My current Chromebook model 14-q050ca appears to have an AUED of June 2019 but I can't really tell for sure. Don't ever buy used Chromebooks. Are there any repercussions to this as far as managing them or anything? Auto Updates for Google Chromebooks (dark mode enabled) For some devices that have multiple iterations, (Lenovo Flex 11, C330 and N23 for example) the expiry date is based on the first model. The Chromebook Auto Update Expiration (AUE) has now been extended to six and a half (6.5) years. Its fate is sealed from day one. Looks like the same model name can have multiple variations that have been released over different years. Has anyone used Chromebooks past their AUE expiration date? Chrome device updates are designed to be simple for the user and, therefore, include updates to the device, Chrome operating system, browser and firmware. Step 2: Diagnose the cause Chromebook Built-in Expiration Date: Facts. According to Laptop Mag’s Phillip Tracy, the easiest way is to visit the support page on Google’s Auto Update policy. Chromebooks are great because they auto-update to protect users against viruses and add new features as well. That’s a pretty big jump from five. Every Chromebook or Chromebox born has a pre-determined date of death. Google sets an Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date for all Chromebooks. Their initial manufacturing dates are therefore proving difficult to find, as well as their Auto-Update-Expiration (AUE) date. Please check the Auto Update Expiration date when making a purchasing decision. But without any new updates you’re not guaranteed to get the latest security patches or … Answered 5 months ago by ASUS Answers. Of late, we all have become aware of the built-in expiration date of the Chromebook. In fact it should be mandatory for all sellers of Chromebooks to list the auto update expiration date along with the price or 8n the description using the same font and in bold. The Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date is your Chromebooks death day. The only thing is this chromebook has a defect where you can’t use it while it’s charging. I was hoping on having … The Lenovo S330 Auto Update Expiration date is juli 2022, so if you buy the Chromebook now you only have updates 3 years! Google has extended the lifetime of the Chromebook from 3 to 5 to 6.5 years, currently. Chromebook Auto Update Policy Expiration. Chromebooks, the lightweight laptops focused on web browsing, receive updates to their OS for up to 6.5 years, depending on when they were built.That’s fine and good, and for the Chromebook’s first owners, that might be all they need. Read more . Tried HP customer service but they have no idea and is going to research it and get back to me. It has a table of "Google Approved Chrome Devices" with Auto Update Expiration Date (AUED) for each. Chrome device models that have not reached their AUE date will continue to receive OS updates and function with the business and education management service. Before you buy a Chromebook, check to see when the model was first released. ... Auto Update Expiration (AUE) – and extended support for new Chromebooks to 6.5 years. In a nutshell, it means its products, such as smartphones and Chromebooks… Just read an article by Tim Anderson in The Reg that explains how to find your Chromebook’s “Auto Update Expiration” date.. every Chromebook has an “Auto Update Expiration (AUE) Date” after which the operating system is unsupported by Google. In windows laptop one can typically update RAM and disk. Reply Eight Chromebooks in total will now receive software updates until June, 2025 rather than the original 2022 Auto Update Expiration date. Currently, the Auto Update Expiration date for both the devices is listed as 2029, which means they will get Chrome OS updates for nine years. The Auto Update Expiration date for the Acer Chromebook 714 (pictured here) is June 2025, Google says. Auto Update policy Overview Chrome devices receive automatic updates regularly that enhance both the device itself and the software on the device. It's the day Google will stop sending automatic updates to the device. The auto-update expiration date just got extended by three years for seven of Lenovo's Chromebooks, including our favorite Chromebook on the market today: the Lenovo C330 Chromebook. Essentially, Your Chromebook would stop being able to support the security/software updates released after its EOL has passed. I came across the "Auto Update Policy" on the Google Chrome support site. Unfortunately, that information isn’t typically provided by laptop manufacturers. They have a SHORT "Auto Update Policy" and will expire in about 5-6 years after initial date of manufacture. For Google meeting room hardware, Chrome OS updates might be delayed. Expiration dates originate from the date of original release. Many Chromebooks with expiration dates of June 2022 can still be found in online stores. When a device reaches AUE, it means that automatic software updates from Google will no longer be provided. Yes, refer to Google's website below which mentions Google will no longer provide Chrome OS updates once the end-of-life date is reached. Refer to the AUE dates. We refresh machines on a 5-year cycle and have one set of Chromebooks that the AUE expires in year 4. For example, we found the Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C99D selling for $300 or more. Buying a Chromebook today does not guarantee updates till mid-2025 because of Auto Update Expiration (“AUE”) date is subject to component iteration and model, not when the Chromebook was released. The Google Update Policy page below includes a schedule of when Google will stop providing Chrome OS updates for Chrome devices and shows as of January 15, 2020 that the Auto Update Expiration date for the Chromebit CS10 is November 2020. That version is set in GoldenEye for each board under the “Auto Update Expiration Target Milestone”. Google's Auto Update Expiration (AUE) policy is something of a controversy among fans of the company's tech. So, if you own a Chromebook, you probably just got another year of feature and security updates. But after a specific auto-expiration date (AUE), Google stops sending these auto-updates.

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