This program is focused on the use of design thinking, entrepreneurship, and applying Stanford Biodesign methodologies to develop healthcare solutions for real people with real needs PUCPR believes that the program will leverage the Brazilian Health Innovation Ecosystem through cross-disciplinarity, with professionals, academics and world-class mentors from Medicine, Engineering, Design, IT, Health and Business areas.



  • Teach programmers, designers, engineers, doctors and other health professionals how to create innovative multidisciplinary teams.

  • Identify challenges and needs of the real world from clinics and hospitals.

  • Develop a prototype solution – device, app, service or website with potential integration with sensors and wearables.

  • Create a business plan and pitch to Brazilian and Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs.

  • On summary: After two weeks you will know what is needed to launch your health start-up.

The program will be take place over 2 weeks.


Sign Up and Pre-requisites:

  • Strong interest in entrepreneurship and health  innovation.
  • Bachelor degree from Engineering, Medicine and other health-related courses,  Computing, Design and Business preferred.
  • Availability for a full-time course between July 4-16,  2016.


1- Program Objectives: 

Develop an innovation ecosystem in healthcare at PUC-PR. Developing countries, especially Brazil, face an unsustainable increase in healthcare costs, leading to reduced access and lower quality care. This scenario requires practical solutions developed to our reality and not just a copy of systems in the US or Europe.

These growing challenges, combined with the fast-paced development and adoption of digital technologies, creates a fertile ecosystem for health innovation that can truly improve the lives of our patients.

PUC-PR, in partnership with Hilab, has developed a cross-disciplinary healthcare innovation boot camp as part of our mission to nurture talented  minds to transform the Brazilian healthcare system. Our main goal is to improve the health and wellness of our patients, through a vibrant and productive healthcare technology ecosystem.