Leaders & Menthors

Robson Capasso (MD)

Program Director

Assistant Professor and Researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine. Biodesign Faculty Fellow Alumnus.

Ravi Pamnani (MSC)

Curriculum Director

Biodesign Fellow Alumnus and Director of Marketing and Medical Affairs, Transcend Medical (acquired by Alcon)

Marcelo Pillonetto (PhD)

Local Coordinator

Adjunct Professor at PUCPR School of Medicine & School of Health, Advisor at Clinical Labs, Public Health Expertise

Felipe Tuon (MD, PhD)

PUCPR School of Medicine – Infectious Diseases

Roberto H. Herai (PhD)

PUCPR School of Medicine – Bioinformatics

Júlio Cesar Nievola (PhD)

Polytechnic School PUCPR – Data Mining, Machine Learning and Bioinformatics.

Renata Macedo (DVM, PhD)

PUCPR School of Life Sciences – Head of the Graduate Program in Animal Science

Edvaldo Rosa (PhD)

PUCPR School of Life Sciences – Coordinator of the Xenobiotics Research Unit

Gabriela Unger Unruh (MsC)

PUCPR School of Architecture and Design – Human Centered Design and Usability Lab coordinator

Mark Joselli (PhD)

Polytechnic School PUCPR – Apple Developer Academy – R&D 

Paulo Cesar Porto Martins (PhD)

Business School PUCPR – Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center Coordinator

Fernando Luciano (PhD)

PUCPR Innovation Agency Director

Guilherme Nogueira (PhD)

Polytechnic School PUCPR

Manoel Camilo (PhD)

Polytechnic School PUCPR

Sandro Marques (PhD)

Business School PUCPR

Luciane S. Santos (PhD)

Laboratório de Biomateriais e Engenharia de Superfícies Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná

Maria Cristina Vasconcellos (MSC)

Adjunct Professor at PUCPR School of Life Science, Bachelor of Chemistry, biomaterials and nanotechnology

Guilherme Naves

2016 hiPUC Fellow and PIBiC Master

Fernando Carbonieri

Enterpreneur and CEO at Academia Médica


Geovana Amaral


José Geraldo Noronha

Polytechnic School PUCPR